Holistic Life Coaching Retreat to get you unstuck FAST!

Do These Sound Familiar?

Is the pace of life getting too much?

Don't know how to ease up from it and get a better quality of life?

Do you want to be set free from what has got you tied up and pinning you down? 

Beginner yoga wanting to advance?

Need to figure exactly how to reduce that stress?

Are you stuck in the "Do I stay or do I go?" pit and and all that entails ?

Do you want to improve yoga postures?

Do you have issues that you need to address and resolve in order to move forward? 

Are you afraid to do something that you've always wanted to do but do not have the courage? 

Do you feel that you really want to do something but others offer only negativity which is holding you back from making your dream come true? 

Are you filled with self doubt and or fear which is choking your creativity? 

Do you have a goal but don't know how to go about scoring? 

Is there too much negativity in your life? '

Are you stressed out? 

Do you want to kick out the horrible little nagging voice that says “Don't be ridiculous, you know you can't do that!”? 

With positive wellness coaching you can address these and many more and come out on top!


These are just a minute sample of areas in which I can empower and guide You to be free, by using tried and tested techniques and practices. What is holistic life coaching ? Holistic Life Coaching empowers you to get out of your head and into the right here and now, to take the action needed for you to holistically and positively move forwards and take action in the areas of your life that you wish to change It is not life therapy. It is Life Changing, helping You to solve Your problems. Look no further to find a coach. 

In a few easy steps, You can change Your life for the better and enjoy creating Your future with achievable plans. You will reveal the Whole New You, who has always been waiting there inside. Come to Mountain View Studio Yoga Retreat and together we'll remove those blocks so You can achieve Your goals and make Your dreams come true!    

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Problems and Results

Specific Problems We Solve Together

  • Confidence Issues
  • Motivational issues
  • Unclear on direction
  • Struggling to cope during or after a break up
  • Don't know how to move forward
  • Stress management
  • Lack of focus
  • Unable to let go 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Elimination of negative thought patterns
  • Lack of structure in life plan
  • Feeling trapped

And many more. I can help You to remove these blocks.

The Results

  • You will feel strong and confident
  • You will know how to move forward in your chosen directions
  • You will feel confident to act upon and stick with Your decisions
  • You will have a workable action plan which will suit Your life
  • You will LOVE the new You
  • You will be focused and positive in Your new direction after a break up
  • You will be relaxed, calm and ready to move on
  • You will have skills to focus in a calm and positive way
  • You will have let go and You will move on

What's Waiting For You?

  • FUN
  • JOY

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