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Painting Get Away Breaks 


Acrylics Personalised Painting Breaks

Short painting breaks with working artist

Come and explore your creative talents in a relaxed and fun way.

Even if you've never drawn or painted before, you can release your "inner artist". 

  • Did you enjoy art as a child but life got in the way?
  • Have you secretly wanted to start painting?
  • Would you like to tap into, develop and explore your creativity in the safety of a relaxed environment with the support and encouragement of a working artist who understands human emotions, who can guide you through this to release your own artist within?
  • Would you like to experience an art break where stunning scenery and breathtaking views will inspire your creative juices?
  • Or maybe you'd simply like to paint in a warm sunny authentic Pueblo Blanco in the heart of Andalucian mountains and soak up the ambiance, enjoy local gastronomy, wine, tapas, una cervecita..?

Enjoy Art! Come with an open mind and be prepared to experiment

There are no mistakes, only Art.  I encourage you to relax and enjoy playing with the techniques we'll explore together to free up your unique creativity, even if you think you don't have any, with me, you'll find it! You'll learn to link up your eye to hand coordination in the safety of a relaxed fun atmosphere. Find out how to mix and use colours, and relish in the bright vivid joy they bring. Maybe you already have some ideas but are not sure how to develop them. With the support of a working artist you can find the guidance you need to unlock your potential.

Take away your own painting and sketch book with ideas

By the end of the break, you'll have improved your skills, and maybe found some you thought you never had! Not only will your head be full of ideas that you'll have the confidence to develop, you'll take away your own painting and your sketch book in which you'll be able to continue building the base for your very own body of work.

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Personalised Painting Break Info

Couples 2, 3 or 4 Nights Break In Artist's Homestay

  • Double room accommodation
  • Continental breakfast
  • Shared bathroom
  • 6 hours art per day individually tailored to meet your needs upon discussion before or when you arrive
  • 1 sketch book per person
  • Ground for painting whilst on break
  • Pencils
  • Acrylic paint whilst on break
  • Use of other equipment whilst on break, brushes, pallet knives etc


Individual 2, 3 or 4 Nights Break in Artist's Homestay


  • Double room accommodation for single occupancy
  • Continental breakfast
  • Shared bathroom
  • 5 hours art per day individually tailored to meet your needs upon discussion before or when you arrive
  • 1 sketch book per person
  • Ground for painting whilst on break
  • Pencils
  • Acrylic paint whilst on break
  • Use of other equipment whilst on break, brushes, pallet knives etc


Price 130 Euros per person per night

There are a variety of traditional family owned and run bars and restaurants in this delightful Pueblo Blanco where you can enjoy local gastronomy, menu del dia, tapas,  wine in the authentic family run traditional Bodega. 

The villages of El Burgo and Alozaina are approx 9 kms in either direction, Casarabonnela is approx 18 kms.

Ronda approx 45 kms, Malaga approx 60 kms.

I recommend you hire a car although transfers can be arranged by request at approx 70 Euros each way.

The drive up from Malaga airport is stunning, so bring your camera and stop on the way to take in the views!

There is easy street parking here.

You might like to enjoy bird-watching, walking in the mountains or country tracks.

Bring camera or mobile camera, hats, sun protection, sensible walking shoes, layers in spring, winter and autumn as we will go out on field studies, we can sketch in the countryside and in the village, then back in the studio for painting.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

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One Day Motivation Retreat Life Coaching Yoga Mindfulness

Do you lack motivation, feel unfulfilled, can't put your finger on the reason why? Are you experiencing lack of purpose, direction and clarity? Would you like to discover what your soul realy needs?

Do you feel your confidence level is low or completely lacking?

Do you feel stuck or confused?

Do you seek the answers to these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going with my life?
  • What do I really want?
  • How can I achieve this?


My name is Diana.  I'm a professional Certified Yoga Life Coach, I am skilled in Motivational Coaching. Together we will gain a deep understanding of who you are, what you want, how to get back in touch with your soul and navigate your way in creating realistic, step by step, workable solutions to your problems.


I can help you with all of the above and more.  I can provide you with skills that will help you meet challenges efficiently and calmly. 

Why a professional Certified Yoga Life Coach?

Many people spend a lifetime trying to find answers.

One day out of your life with a professional Certified Yoga Life Coach can transform you and save many years of anguish, worry and indecisiveness.

Here in the wonderfully peaceful setting of Mountain View Studio Retreat, nestled in the heart of La Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, I can help you find your motivation and solutions in a completely relaxed and holistic way. 

At the end of the day, you'll leave not only feeling excited, relieved and refreshed at having opened your mind and allowing the real you to have a voice and confidently make your decisions, but you'll leave motivated, with a holistic, realistic, step by step workable action plan with which to take control of your life, and draw on time and time again.

How will you benefit from this?

Hiring a Motivation Coach does not mean you can't do it alone, but you will find that progress is much faster with one.  

To gain the most out of our time together, come with an open mind, prepare to be frankly truthful with yourself and with me, whilst being willing to take responsibility for your own choices and actions.

How will you get to Mountain View Studio Retreat?  From between Yunquera, Rincon de La Victoria and Estepona, my chauffeur will collect you from and return you to your home. This is my gift to you to ensure you arrive here fresh, relaxed and ready for a wonderful day which is going to be totally all about you finding your transformational solutions.  If you're travelling from elsewhere, please contact me to find out how I can help you. 

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5-Day Mindful Soul Retreat Life Coaching Yoga Meditation

With Motivational Coaching Learn How To Re-design Your Life. Re-connect with your soul. Become The Person YOU Want To Be. Not Who Others Expect You To Be.

Escape to beautiful inland Andalucia  to boost your confidence with the One to One positive coaching that you need to pursue your life design in a holistic approach, re-connect with your soul, realise your dreams and turn your resolution to reality. Make well-formed step-by-step action plans to create reality. Grow in your self awareness and create a healthy lifestyle that you are comfortable with, embracing Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Yoga and Relaxation techniques.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to detach from pressures of life, de-stress, unwind, focus on YOU and rethink/redesign your life's direction. Discover your authentic self, what you truly want and form a realistic, achievable action plan


The Retreat is in "Real Spain" in the heart of rural Andalucia on the outskirts of  a natural park which in 1995 was declared a Bioshpere Reserve by UNESCO

4 nights accommodation in a small beautiful family/privately owned inn in a typically authentic small white village in La Sierra de Las Nieves, Andalucia. 

All meals and transfers from Malaga AGP are included. The restaurants, bars and La Bodega, take great pride in that they cook daily, with fresh local ingredients to create simply delicious dishes.

You can sample the local gastronomy. enjoy visiting a selection of local restaurants, bars and visit the La Bodega, where the famous Mosto is made in the age old traditional way, and aged in oak barrels. This Bodega is an historic family run winery, where the expertise has been handed down through the generations

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to experience the rich flavours of REAL SPAIN in this beautiful unspoilt mountain Pueblo Blanco.  

On the last evening of your One to One Life Coaching Yoga Meditation And Mindfulness Reiki Retreat in Andalucia Spain, we will have a celebratory dinner together and toast Your New Life Plan, decision making and problem solving.

Return refreshed, full of confidence and invigorated. You have taken control of your destiny, CONGRATULATIONS!

I will support you in a totally unbiased, caring way

I will be the loving, non-judgmental supportive friend

Who you need right now in your life

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